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student  / Jack DeRosa (student)
I was lucky enough to be a student of Mr. Brock's at Del Mar in CA in 1962. He stands out today as one of the great teachers and role models of all time. He was a great influence in my life and set me on an intellectual path that continues to this da...  Continue >>
A student remembers Bernie   / Andrew Kidd (Former student )
I was lucky enough to have Bernie as a one of my professors at Wayne State. He was deceptively quiet and soft-spoken a demeanor which concealed his brilliant intellect and his fiery commitment to the social causes which he believed in. Now that I'm t...  Continue >>
Three Years...   / Arthur Brock (Son)
It has been three years now since you passed away.

You would have enjoyed Obama's campaign and election and provided lively commentary and joyful tears.

You'd be proud of Brook & Timothy, and of your friends for their rally...  Continue >>
Two months gone.   / Joan Leininger (loving companion )
Dear Bernie, 

It has been only two months since you left us, but it seems like a year and yet only a moment. I miss you most at sunset time and swear that I saw your face in the moon these past few nights.

I'm seeing Brooke...  Continue >>
Memories  / Pat Stockdale (Sister)
We had lots of years together, and you always made the effort to come to see our family.  Last Christmas you brought Leslie and Brooke to see us.  We had a great time.

I can't quite believe we won't have our every Saturday mornin...  Continue >>
We Love You!  / Karen Hoehne (Niece)    Read >>
A great mentor  / Deanna Sellnow (mentee)    Read >>
Bernie, You were my shooting star and love.  / Joan Leininge (loving companion of twenty five years )    Read >>
Bernie's talent  / Donna Fay (friend)    Read >>
with loving gratitude  / Verta Driver (friend)    Read >>
Thank You, Dad  / Arthur Brock (Son)    Read >>
Thoughts of Bernie  / Mickki Langston (Friend)    Read >>
Grateful / Jean Russell (Onet buddy )    Read >>
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His legacy
The Bernard Brock Chair at Wayne State  
An anonymous donor has sponsored a Bernard Brock Chair at the Wayne State University Department of Communications in memory of his decades of contributions there.
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A good life lived
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